Who we are

OUTstanding is a membership organisation for global businesses. We work directly with LGBT+ and ally leaders to drive cultural change, creating an environment where everyone can succeed. Working with 26% of the FTSE 100, we are a powerful network that can be leveraged to drive positive change.

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Why we are here

There’s a clear business case for diversity and inclusion, enhancing productivity, fostering an inclusive culture and keeping your business relevant. It’s vital for businesses to value, champion and celebrate every employee.

What we do

The OUTstanding events series comprises a whole range of events, in the UK and abroad, showcasing role models, driving engaging discussions and exploring challenges for different strands of LGBT+.
OUTstanding offers programmes for LGBT+ and allies at all levels, including the Emerging Leaders’ Programme, Mentoring, Board Readiness and Executive Sponsor.
OUTstanding members get access to best practice, key research and unique resources relevant to LGBT+ inclusion.
The Lists
Each year OUTstanding publishes a series of role model lists, supported by Yahoo Finance, celebrating leading LGBT+ and Ally Executives and LGBT+ Future Leaders.

Corporate Members

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