EMpower Benefits

Your organisation can join the EMpower network as a full member and below you’ll see what benefits we offer with membership. Get in touch with our membership team if you’d like to discuss the option of joining.

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Full Membership
Leadership Programme

Access to our leadership programmes, including Board Readiness, Executive Sponsor, Emerging Leaders.

Mentoring Programme

Access to our cross-industry mentoring programme.

Network Events

Access to our regular network events, including Role Modelling Series, Communities and Intersectionality Series.

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated account manager to help shape your ethnic minority inclusion strategy.

Internal Support

Supporting your internal ethnic diversity network activities, including speaker sourcing and event profiling.

Access to Network

Access to network of high-profile senior leaders.

RADAR Consultation

RADAR consultation and assessment tool for benchmarking organisations.

Committee Participation

Opportunity to participate in our committees to help shape our strategy.

Online Resources

Access for all employees to our online diversity and inclusion dashboard providing access to sector best practice, ethnic minority research and inclusive leadership resources.

Brand Promotion

Brand promotion through EMpower media channels, including social media, events, website and newsletters.

1.5 Days Tailored Support

1.5 days of tailored engagement activity to support your internal strategy, including strategy consultation, internal workshops, awareness training etc.

Our Corporate Members

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