25th April
Amplifying Voices: The + in LGBT+

The Amplifying Voices Series aims to raise awareness of role models and amplify the voices of people from diverse backgrounds, whose unique experiences and challenges may not usually have a prominent role in shaping the dialogue around ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.

About this event:

When thinking about the term LGBT+, we often overlook the ‘+’ and focus on lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans identities.

During this session, we will be exploring the multitude of identities that fall under the ‘+’ bracket which are sometimes completely erased, and often misunderstood. Our  panel will delve into identities that aren’t as widely recognised when referring to the LGBT+ community, and will look at dispelling the myths surrounding the ‘+’ within LGBT+.


Key themes

·         Dissecting what identities fall into the ‘+’ in the LGBT+ community

·         Addressing the myths and incorrect assumptions about some identities that fall into the ‘+’.

·         How can the work place and networks be inclusive to all identities?

·         How can we give a voice to the often silenced ‘+’ when the L,G,B,T tend to shout louder?

·         Is the + dismissive or encouraging erasure? Is there a better symbol?

RSVP Information

Due to the popularity of this event, we are unfortunately no longer taking registrations. However, if you would like to be added to our guest list, please sign up here.

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