17th July
Amplifying Voices: LB+ Women

We are delighted to invite you to our breakfast event, Amplifying Voices: LB+ Women, taking place on Wednesday 17th July at BP.

The Amplifying Voices Series aims to raise awareness of role models and amplify the voices of people from diverse backgrounds, whose unique experiences and challenges may not usually have a prominent role in shaping the dialogue around ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.

About this event:

Within the LGBT+ community, LB+ women can experience more challenging environments than their counterparts of other genders. Only 29% of LB+ women aged 18-35 years old feel able to be ‘out to all’, compared to 44% of men.

In light of this, how can we make LGBT+ spaces more inclusive for LB+ women?  In this session, our panel will discuss why this group hasn’t been engaged with the nuances within the LB+ label, and further barriers that LB+ women can face.

Key themes:

  • Are LGBT+ spaces too male dominated?
  • The double or triple glass ceiling that LB+ women, particularly from an ethnic minority background face
  • The specific erasure of bisexual and pansexual identities
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