6th December
OUTstanding Event
Mad Science Solves: Inclusion

Join us for an interactive discussion with theoretical neuroscientist, serial entrepreneur and fantastic OUTstanding Role Model, Dr. Vivienne Ming, on the first of her global event series Mad Science Solves.

In a candid and open conversation, Dr. Vivienne Ming will explore how “mad science” (machine learning, naturalistic data, augmented intelligence, behavioural economics, neuroscience & more) can be applied to problems surrounding diversity and inclusion. The session will begin with a reading from Dr. Ming’s upcoming book, “The Tax on Being Different” which features her research alongside personal anecdotes from her experience with gender transition. This will be followed by an exciting and interactive discussion around diversity and inclusion, with the hope to inspire both a sense of absurdity, humour and valuable context.


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This event is open to both OUtstanding and EMpower members. Please register your placeĀ here

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