Aritha Future Leader

OUTstanding Future Leaders' Development Programme

HSBC, 8 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom

25th April 2017 - 6pm

Following extensive consultation and collaboration with our membership OUTstanding is proud to introduce our first Future Leader Programme. It has been an eye-opening journey with our members, developing a programme which we firmly believe is grounded in providing both practical skills and inspiration to allow future leaders to develop while providing exposure and a unique network to benefit them long after the programme concludes. We look forward to welcoming your future leaders to our truly transformative programme.
Why are we launching this programme?
Diversity in people, perspectives, backgrounds and experience breeds diversity of thought. We know that diversity of thought is critical for innovation. With no visible LGBT+ CEOs in the FTSE100 and just one openly out leader in the Fortune500, there is a clear absence of LGBT+ diversity at the executive level. Our programmes serves to address this challenge by shaping a pipeline of LGBT+ leaders for the future.
What is the programme?
Our programme is an intensive development opportunity for emerging LGBT+ talent. The programme is designed to build confidence, capability and leadership skills in order to help emerging talent to transition into more senior and leadership roles.
As well as serving to inspire and inform, our programme will equip this cohort of future leaders with the tools to proactively shape their careers as leaders. Through the programme, delegates will devise practical action plans to enable them to return to their working environments and demonstrate enhanced leadership capability in order to lead new initiatives designed to add value to their businesses and indicate return on investment.
Who is the programme designed for?
Our programme is designed for the highest potential LGBT+ future leaders. We define ‘future leader’ as someone in middle management (with 6-10 years’ experience) or those ‘at the bridge’ to more senior roles.
How does the programme work?
Our programme consists of a series of complimentary modules including leadership development, mentoring, peer group work and interactive learning sessions. In particular, our programme will provide:
  • Unparalleled access to thought-leaders and role models across the business community;
  • A platform to connect with and learn from peers;
  • Opportunities for mentoring and leveraging a framework for sponsorship;
  • Practical sessions to enable delegates to develop self-awareness/personal brand
  • Cross-industry exposure + new perspectives
  • A platform to develop leadership skills, confidence and capability;
  • The chance to build a diverse and professional network

Your organisations OUTstanding membership contact has further details related to the summit. Please contact them to learn more about getting involved. If you are not sure who your contact is email info@out-standing.org.