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Partner Event: Open for Business Leaders’ Roundtable, World Economic Forum

Hub Culture Davos Pavilion Promenade 93, Davos-Platz

16th January 2017 - 2pm

At this round table event you'll be able to join the discussion with some of the world’s leading campaigners for LGBT+ inclusion from around the globe. The agenda will be exploring two main questions:

  • What are the legal, social and workplace realities for LGBT+ people including your employees in anti-LGBT countries?
  • How can your business use its influence to advance LGBT+ inclusion in these countries?

You will come away from the panel with a clear picture of struggles faced by LGBT people and what your company can do to improve LGBT+ inclusion.

This event is open to senior leaders within our network, please contact info@out-standing.org if you are interested and to gain full details.