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Partner Event: Positive & Mindful Leader Summit 2017

The Ned, 27 Poultry, London EC2R 8AJ

15th September 2017 - 9am

Meet leaders and academic masterminds to learn about the principles and practicalities of applying positivity and mindfulness in the corporate setting. We will be exploring:

  • Positive and mindful leadership frameworks - hard science though hands-on
  • Application insights from practitioners in leading global organisations: challenges and successes
  • Mindful leadership frameworks - the shift from well-being to essential leadership skill
  • Positive and mindful leadership: how the holistic approach creates better and more successful organisations

Positive Leadership and Mindfulness are becoming day-to-day skills being used by leaders and organisations all around.

At our summit, leaders such as:-

  • Jan Mühlfeit, Former Microsoft Europe Chairman, 
  • Jorge Lopez, Business Director, 3M, 
  • Verónica Pascual, CEO, ASTI S.A.U, 
  • Amir Arooni, CIO, Nationale-Nederlanden,
  • Debbie Jeremiah, Mindful Leader Program Manager, GE Crotonville

will share their application experiences of positive leadership and mindfulness. Academic masterminds will answer questions on how evidence based science in positive psychology, neuroscience, behavioural science is translated into hands-on tools for leaders to create high performing, sustainable teams and organisations. 

For full programme details and to register for this event, visit the website here and use the promo code ‘out25’ for a 25 % discount!