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Senior Leadership Masterclass

McKinsey Hong Kong Office

2nd November 2017 - 9am

What?: A two-day forum for LGBTQ senior executives, grounded in each participant's personal and organisational context. 

Why?: Leaders who can change can lead change. Combining experience-based learning with applied fieldwork, our Leadership Master Class is a unique opportunity for senior executives to improve how they personally influence and effectively lead transformational change.  

How?: The program provides powerful new techniques on leading oneself, leading others and leading an organisation through change and other business challenges. Participants walk away with a greater self-awareness, a personal vision and concrete action plan to role model new behaviours, and new techniques to influence others, and new techniques to influence others and lead with greater impact.

Who?: Senior LGBT+ executives (C-1 and C-2) or those preparing for senior leadership and global roles. 


Cost: No participation fee, however travel and accommodation to be borne by participants 

Register: To request an invitation, please contact Ali Potia (ali-potia@mckinsey.com) and Adrian Lo (adrian_lo@mckinsey.com)