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Webinar - Mentoring: Actions Speak Louder than Words with Werkin

11th September 2017 - 6pm

To provide easier access to the Werkin app welcome session and training we will now be offering online dial in sessions instead of the event on the 13th of September. These sessions are available from the 11th of September. WERKIN’s founder, Hayley Sudbury, will on hand to walk you through the tech over the coming weeks with 30 minute group dial-in sessions. There will be 3 sessions for both mentors and mentees to choose from - please sign up to at least one to hit the ground running:

- Mentor Sessions

○ Monday 11th September - 6 to 6.30pm
○ Wednesday 13th September - 12.30 to 1pm
○ Thursday 14th September - 8 to 8.30am

- Mentee Sessions

○ Tuesday 19th September - 1 to 1.30pm
○ Tuesday 19th September - 6 to 6.30pm
○ Wednesday 20th September - 8 to 8.30am

Participants will be able to download the app from the 11th September.

Just email Katie, katie.underwood@werkinapp.com to let us know which sessions you’ll be dialing into and details of the call will be sent to you directly.

We look forward to welcoming you to the app!