Why are the FT and HERoes lists important?

What are the FT and HERoes lists?

How are the lists compiled?

Judging Criteria

Judging Panel


Why are the FT and HERoes lists important?

Our boardrooms are lacking in gender diversity, and the absence of female representation has an impact at all levels of an organisation. The presence of strong, female role models across all sectors and industries is essential to develop a pool of diverse rising talent.

  • Women still earn 18% less than their male colleagues
  • There are still only seven female CEOs in the FTSE 100
  • Men are still 40% more likely to be promoted to senior management roles, over their female colleagues

What are the FT and HERoes lists?

The FT and HERoes Champions of Women in Business are a powerful celebration of the fantastic strides being made by women around the world. They are published annually by the Financial Times, showcasing female business leaders and their male allies.

There are three categories in which you can nominate a role model for the FT and HERoes lists:

  1. Top 50 female champions of women in business
    Recognising the top 50 senior female role models paving the way for gender diversity at all levels. Nominees will be successful, female executives based in the UK and Ireland, working up to three steps from the CEO.
  2. Top 30 male champions of women in business
    Recognising 30 men working for gender diversity in business. Nominees will be male executives based in the UK and Ireland, with a history of promoting and championing women in business.
  3. Top global champions of women in business
    This is a global list, recognising both female leaders and men who support gender diversity. Nominees will hold a position up to three steps from the CEO, and will have a history of championing women in business.

How does it work?

  1. Nominations are submitted via the nominations page
  2. Nominees are contacted for their supporting information
  3. Nominations are scored by the HERoes Team
  4. Ranking will be sent to the judging panel for secondary scoring and ratification
  5. Successful nominees will be informed in the weeks leading up to publication of the FT supplement
  6. The FT and HERoes Lists are published on Thursday 20th September in the Financial Times


  • Thursday 8th March – Nominations open
  • Friday 4th May – Nominations close
  • Friday 25th May – Final deadline for supporting information
  • Thursday 26th June – Judging/ranking finalised
  • Friday 6th July – Deadline to remove yourself from the process
  • Thursday 20th September – Publication & celebration of the lists

Judging Criteria

The FT and HERoes leaders will be judged according to four criteria:

  1. Activities undertaken internally to champion women in business
  2. Activities a nominee is involved with outside of the workplace that help to champion women in business
  3. Recent business awards and promotions (within the last 3 years)
  4. Seniority and influence in the business

We will also require a testimonial for each nominee, which will be marked alongside these questions.

Each criterion will be scored out of 10, with each nominee receiving a potential overall total of 50.