LGBT+ In The Workplace : US/UK Comparative Project
The first of our research reports comparing and contrasting UK LGBT+ workplace experiences to other locations

In October 2018, INvolve opened its first US office in New York, building on work we were already doing in the US and welcoming in new opportunities as well as new challenges in the realm of Diversity and Inclusion. It has always been important for us to recognise that although we hold the same values wherever we work, the landscape of LGBT+ rights in the UK and the US varies hugely. This will in turn effect employee experiences, as culture directly influences workplace environments.

In the wake of this, INvolve’s research team decided to pull together a report on the similarities and differences of LGBT+ workplace experiences across the Atlantic. The report is split into a summary, or ‘cheat sheet’, and a full report. The summary outlines key findings and statistics, for a quick look at the ways LGBT+ workplace experiences differ between the UK and US, whilst the full report gives a more in depth outline of LGBT+ rights in the UK and the US, and how this relates to the workplace.

The report covers several areas, from policy to workplace experiences. Key findings include that 28 states in the US have no explicit prohibitions for discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in state law. Conversely, the UK has the Equality Act (2010) which protects employees from discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. It is crucial for businesses to consider how this legislation and policy can affect the workplace experiences of their LGBT+ employees if they are operating in states that don’t have protective legislation in place. The report also includes some practical recommendations that companies can implement in their UK and US offices.

The report puts a special focus on trans* workplace experiences, due to the disproportionate abuse that trans* individuals face at work compared to the rest of the LGB+ community. Research revealed that half of trans* and non-binary people in the UK have hidden or disguised the fact that they are LGBT at work because they are afraid of discrimination. Statistics around trans* employees in the US do not fare any better, with 71% of trans* employees attempting to hide their transitions at work.

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This report is part of a series, all comparing and contrasting UK LGBT+ workplace experiences to other locations. They will all revolve around the premise that before you expand your business to a new culture, you should understand the climate around certain social issues and how this will affect your employees.  Each report will be useful to reference when considering global business infrastructure. Keep a look out for the next report in this series!

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