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The Financial Times

The 100 out and proud heroes of the business world

Our OUTstanding Top 100 LGBT & Top 20 Ally Business Leaders Lists featured again in the a special report by the FT on Executive Diversity



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Diversity: a Silicon Valley perspective

It's under a week until OUTstanding heads stateside to open role model list nominations in San Francisco. Ahead of the launch, we get a Silicon Valley perspective on LGBT+ inclusion, exploring why the industry is as pioneering in this area as it is in tech.

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Allies with impact: BT launches allies programme

All communities need support from outside, and the LGBT+ community is no different. Harnessing the support of allies can be a powerful tool, particularly in business. BT tell us more about the incredible success of their recently-launched allies programme.

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Many LGBT+ networks ran IDAHOBiT events and activities at a company-wide level, raising awareness, starting conversations and celebrating their LGBT+ communities.

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Trans*forming workplace cultures

As society changes, the need to raise visibility for the Trans* community increases. In March, we celebrated Trans* Day of Visibility and there was lots of activity from firms across our member network.


Antonia Belcher: my story

31st March is International transgender day of visibility. To celebrate, Antonia Belcher, one of our inspiring trans* role models, tells us her incredible personal story.

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Tips for network success: Barclays Spectrum Africa

Setting up an LGBT+ network can be very challenging in some locations. Read about the success of Barclays Spectrum Africa, and get tips on overcoming cultural challenges.

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