OUTstanding 2019 Role Model Lists

OUTstanding was founded to prove that LGBT+ executives could be visible, safe and successful in business, but our employees don’t stop being who they are when they walk out of the office door; we must be visible in our support at all times, in all places.

Despite much progress in the UK and beyond, LGBT+ professionals are still experiencing obstacles in their careers. It is as important as ever to champion LGBT+ and ally executives in both the private and public sector, and recognise the leaders of tomorrow who are already breaking down barriers and driving diversity.

This year’s OUTstanding Role Model Lists will celebrate inclusion efforts across four categories:

  1. 100 LGBT+ Executives
    The LGBT+ Executives category will recognise 100 senior role models who are helping to make the workplace a more welcoming place. Nominees for this category will be successful senior LGBT+ Private Sector executives working one to three levels from the chief executive.
  2. 50 Ally Executives
    The  Ally Executives category acknowledges the contribution of 50 senior executives who are outspoken and unwavering in their support for LGBT+ people in the workplace. As with the Leading LGBT+ Executives category, nominees will work at the highest levels of a Private Sectororganisation.
  3. 50 LGBT+ Future Leaders
    In this category, we will present 50 inspirational LGBT+ Future Leaders in the Private Sector. Role models work at all levels of an organisation and the LGBT+ Future Leaders category recognises those making a significant contribution to LGBT+ inclusion wherever they are placed in the company.
  4. 20 LGBT+ Public Sector Executives
    In this category, we will present 20 inspirational LGBT+ Senior Leaders from the Public and Third Sectors, who are helping to make their workplace more welcoming, and who are making a significant contribution to LGBT+ inclusion outside of their workplace. As with the first two categories, nominees will work at the highest levels of their organisation.

Nominations will open Thursday 20th June