Paul Reed

Top50 images 0001 Paul Reed"I hope that the involvement of myself and others with groups such as OUTstanding will provide a few more role models and encourage others to be more open. No-one is interested in having a gay lobby pushed on them, but we should all be interested in creating the right environment where everyone can feel comfortable and succeed".



Claudia  Brind-Woody

Top50 images 0005 Claudia Brind Woody

"IBM's global diversity strategy is based not only on equality in the workplace, but also on fairness and social justice.   We believe that our focus on LGBT diversity enables us to attract, retain and advance the best talent, to better serve our clients and to drive more business for our company.  

Being part of OUTstanding, enables IBM to join with other companies to leverage the power of our collective brands and the values of our organizations to change the world for the better."

Vice President & Managing Director, Global Intellectual Property Licensing, IBM 


Liz Bingham

Top50 images 0019 Liz Bingham"It’s vital that businesses attract and celebrate diverse talent, to be able to draw on the widest spectrum of views. By being part of OUTstanding, companies can clearly show that they respect and value diversity, and by participating in the Top 50 list, we, as executives, are given the platform to directly influence and inspire the future generations of leaders."

Managing Partner, People, UK and Ireland, EY